With centuries of experience

The Sarin family has built boats for no less than three generations in Ostrobothnia, a region in Finland with centuries of experience in boatbuilding. Today, 70 per cent of Finnish boats are built here. Founded in 1967, the Sarin boatyard is the region’s oldest dedicated to motorboats. The Sarins have always created pioneering boats, featuring new ideas for enhanced functionality and maritime safety.

It is no accident that the world’s best All Season boats come from this region. The Gulf of Bothnia can be a glittering, friendly sea, but it also offers fierce autumn storms as well as long, cold and iced-over winters. Seafarers in the region know what is required of All Season boats.

The tradition and know-how found in the home region of Minor Offshore boats guarantee their quality. Ostrobothnia trains the country’s best boatbuilders – true artisans, who take responsibility for and pride in their work. That shows in the results.

And the name?

The name of Minor boats has raised questions over the years. Why are boats of this size and quality called Minor? Simple: it is all about Ostrobothnian humility. When the Sarins began to build boats they would say, in a manner typical of the region: “well now, they are quite small…” That is how things work in Ostrobothnia. People create something out of the ordinary, but don’t make a big deal about it.